Peter Tompkins and Kryptos

Could S.O.S. in Kryptos be referencing Secrets of the Soil?

Dr. Randy Thompson briefly explores this and dozens of other parallels between the CIA’s Kryptos and Peter Tompkins, a former spy.  This short study introduces its readers to information that may have been influential in the design of the world’s most famous unsolved riddle.

Download the PDF: Peter Tompkins and Kryptos

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  1. Hi.
    I would enjoy corresponding with anyone out there familiar with Anthroposophy and the works of Rudolf Steiner as well as that of Peter Tompkins. I am currently working on a very important article regarding the real reason and proof behind the Mexican Revolution. Anyone up to jumping on the boat?


  2. Randy.

    Your previous comment regarding a BD cow horn; a comment that by chance seemed to refer to myself, CG. I was a friend of Peters for over ten years.

  3. CG:

    Who is “JT”?

    And who are you? (I was responding earlier to “chuck trier”. Is that you?)


  4. Randy,

    No offense taken on the Cow Horn.. The secret life of death is buried much deeper. May Peter discover his long awaited questions regarding his travels in this life and thereafter.. I miss my friend and mentor. I also often wonder how JT is??

    Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, No Trump..
    All The Best,

  5. Chuck,

    You realize I was joking about the buried cow horn, right?


  6. If a cow horn filled with BD500 is buried at
    Langley, this doesn’t have to be a link to Tompkins.
    The cow horn(s) are a symbol of ISIS. This can
    all be ascertained by exploring the tomb of Carter’s
    discovery. The parallel lines going out to the
    Washington monument are interesting and cool, tho.

  7. There is a new version of “Peter Tompkins and Kryptos” available at


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