Sanborn’s Kryptos Sculpture Transcripts

The Kryptos Copperplate Transcript is available at  The ciphertext as it appears on the copper scroll and the plain text discovered using Vigenère (first two parts) and Transposition (third part) are now available with easy copy and paste capabilities.  Spacing has been omitted in the plain text transcripts to minimize the introduction of interpretation error.  The layout of the plain text as it coincides withs its corresponding ciphertext is properly represented and is difficult to find elsewhere online.  The tableau is also depicted backward, as is in the sculpture.

Kryptos Copperplate Ciphertext (left panel)

Kryptos Copperplate Tableau (right panel)

Kryptos Copperplate Plain Text (decrypted using Vigenere and Matrix Rotational Transposition)


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