Postponed: Palimpsest Tool to be Declassified

Warzin-Phillips Palimpsest Solver

Warzin-Phillips Palimpsest Solver

Published in: on March 1, 2010 at 3:40 am  Comments (4)  

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  1. Interesting thought, that Kryptos could be a palimpsest, but if that is the case then there would be a meaning to abscissa which leads to the thought of where x is. this thought leads to another thought of why Sanborn used X as a space. I would very much like to acquire your “Palimpsest Tool”, if you would, please send me the download or email me.

  2. NOTE: The Warzin-Phillips Palimpsest Solver release date has been postponed. Limited access will be given to select individuals until that time. However, no support or manual for using the tool will be available until it is released. If you would like access, please send an email to (remove dash) with a brief message describing your interest in Kryptos.

  3. I understand your concern. The palimpsest tool was created and classified by me. It will be declassified by me. Consider my choice in terminology both hype and appropriate to a thrill-seeker’s expectations of this blog and web site.

    A select group of my peers use unusual tools like this one. Nothing here is illegal, related to security, or is government classified in any sense of the word.

    The “palimpsest tool” may aid in furthering the late Gary Warzin’s theory that the Kryptos Sculpture is a physical palimpsest. My decision to release this software stems from the evidence for his theory, although I believe that “palimpsest” refers more to subtle shading in word meaning. Like most brute-force tools, solutions can not be pursued iteratively and exhaustively in a timely fashion. I’m opening this software to the public to get more eyes and minds into Gary’s theory. Expect it tomorrow.

    Happy March.

  4. What do you mean “Palimpsest Tool” to be declassified this week? What is this tool? Who classified it?
    Is this an April fool joke one month early?

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