CNN B-Roll Transcript (June 2005)

A previously concealed B-Roll transcript from CNN Interviews in June 2005 has been made available at  The transcript was compiled and edited by CNN’s Justine Redman (producer) and Elonka Dunin.

Sanborn discusses details of his CIA Sculpture “Kryptos,” and reveals new information about clues leading up to K4.  He also discloses actual techniques and concepts about k4, noting how it might fit in to the rest of the puzzle.

Read the original transcript here.


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  1. This has *always* bothered me. Jim is talking about the dedication ceremony. He gave “the solution” to William Webster.

    “In a sealed envelope, as carefully masked in such a way that you couldn’t see inside as I could do at the time.”

    Really think about this. What could Jim possibly be saying, because at face value, it doesn’t make sense.

    Secondly, in the deciphered part of K2: “Who knows the exact location? Only W.W. This was his last message.”

    This has also tremendously bothered me. This very text suggests that the message is from W.W., not J.S.

    Now the message could be something at the coordinates deciphered, or it could be the sculpture itself. Regardless, the texts implies that W.W. had an active role in the sculpture. Hence K5: Twilight Eyes.

    Could it be that the dedication ceremony, the act of giving William Webster “the solution” was little more than a public stunt? It is my belief that most of it was smoke and mirrors, and that W.W. and E.S. collaborated on this project with J.S. more than the public may ever know…

  2. The “ultimate” may be that he reformatted that table using the method I have outlined in APEX Theory. Then he indexed into it using K4 as I have described. There are several other steps required as well, also described in APEX Theory.

    Randy Thompson

  3. Sites are back up!

  4. It looks like Elonka’s site is down. Dick Gay’s Kryptos site (former CIA Agent) is down too.

  5. Great info. It looks like his matrix is in fact the double rotation algorithm for K3. Triple rotation also works.

    One line really pops out.

    “And sometimes I used double matrixes and triple matrixes in order to develop a complicated system, and then went back to this table (pointing at the Vigenere Tableau) to do the ultimate.”

    The double and triple matrix can be used for K3. Is that what he’s talking about here? Could he be saying that he went back to the Vigenere Tableau for K4 to do the ultimate? That can’t be right. Can it?

    He couldn’t be telling us the algorithm. But it looks like he’s telling us he used triple rotation followed by some form of Vigenere encoding. Or at least Vigenere by itself in some clever way.

    What is the ultimate?

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