Details of the Room Within

Details of the room within emerged from the mist x can you see anything Q?


Details of the room within emerged from the missed X?  The missed X, when put back in, reveals “Layer Two.”  Can you see anything Q?

A mask layer with holes at the X’s reveals an answer to this question when placed over the breached Q in the upper left-hand corner.  The underlying characters are YES QQQ.

Can you see anything Q? Yes QQQ.

This masking technique may explain why K2 is worded so strangely — the official explanation being that it was designed to sound like a Morse Code transmission.  Could it be that k2 was forced after a mask was used to position characters at certain locations in the ciphertext?


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  2. Hi Gary, have you seen the hidden VIET clue in K1? Were you aware that K4 starts at the K with the OB shifted to the back? Did you know that the Roman Numerals on the CIA wall are part of the key? Drop me a line and lets chat.

  3. Isis…very interesting. Isis is related to Magdalene Queen.The Morse code says S.O.S.,RQ. This could be Royal Queen. The misspellings of gruund, Q in K3 instead of “C” for Lord Carn…add up to queen when you add in the desparately mispellings. Isis all on the King Tut funerary garb appears Isis could potentially be bringing King Tut back to life in full power.Isis has the best positions on his tomb and most important for revival of King Tut.

  4. Didn’t know that Donovan was known as, “Q.”
    The only, “Q,” I remember is the one from the
    James Bond series.

    As a matter of trivia, tho, the word positions
    of, “ANYTHING,” add up to 98.

    Here is another trivial note: The apostrophe’s
    missing from the words, “Hows and Its,” give
    us another clue to ISIS! Wonder if the North
    Morse relates to this. We enter in the morning
    and see the Compass Morse on the right and leave
    at night and see the North morse on the right.
    This is the beginning and end of Kryptos.

    One more? K1 Q is 25th position on the line or, “Y,”
    K2 U is 24th position of the line or,”X.” We ordinarily say, “x,y” for a grid and not, “Y,X.”
    This fits in with the ordering of K3, K2, K1.
    K3 starts the whole thing as a funeral dirge, “Slowly,
    Desparatly, slowly, the remains of…” Just like the
    painting on the east wall of the tomb!

    Question? Is it confirmed that T is the morse or
    could it be the ending of any of 12 morse letters?
    If this morse section serves as an introduction to
    the tomb, “What is your position?” would have
    interesting connotations since there are 12
    people leading the sledge that contains Tutankhamun
    depicted in the painting on the East wall.

  5. howdy MY FRIENDS,

    can you see anything q?

    c any ou see any t hi in g q?

    see any ou see any T high in G Q

    ou–eyes only morse code

    T is YOUR position

    G-cia HQ

    q- this is CODENAME for Wild Bill Donovan during WWII

    again Kryptos is the Story of Wild Bill Donovan and the OSS from WWII..


    t is your post ION ion wild bill donovan codename from the USA..


    1 q l us ion
    1 q wild bill donovan
    1 us ion i USA 109 wild bill donovan

    coincidence my friends

    thanks for your time

    GOD BLESS USA july 02 2010 willis kilpatrick Jr RPH

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