Phantom Key in the Water?

A significant clue to solving K3 may be discovered by looking into the whirlpool at the base of the Kryptos Tableau.  Sanborn mentioned in his 1989 letter to CIA Agency employees that he “also uses another symbol; water.  In a small pool on the plaza, partly surrounded by the copper plate, water will be turbulent and provocative…”  He later describes this movement of water as representative of the dissemination of information.  Water is central to the composition of his work.  “…between two massive outcroppings, water will be calm, reflective, contemplative.”

What would one see when peering into the swirling water?  If the surface is reflective, a phantom image would appear inside the well.  Depending on the viewer’s angle, either the Vigenere Tableau or the Kryptos ciphertext would appear as though it were inside this basin.  It would also have the appearance of some force attempting to twist or turn the text.

We now know that k3 is a rotational transposition.  Does this mean an agent in the field would be trained to discover a key or method by peering into water?  Looking into the whirlpool, a tableau appears to start turning.  What is reflected in the calm “reflection pool?”  Is there a key in that coy pond?  Consistent with the theme of Kryptos, the images appearing in the mirror-like surface of water gives the illusion that an alternate space exists below that surface — a space that doesn’t exist except through the antipodes of that which exists above it.  Could the water be drained from these containment areas, no phantom would exist.



Pad to 24 x 14 and rotate clockwise 90 degrees:


Pad into 8 columns, then rotate 90 degrees clockwise again:


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  1. if you look at the white stone from the correct angle so that you IQ ilusion is correct you will see the shape of a resting Bull. This along with the scroll which represents Phoenician princess Europa, is meant to signify the greek myth of her along the seaside where she is approached by Zeus the Bull. Then the other sulptures tell various other stories and legends using the idea of the bull or buffalo. Finally a large imaginary guitar exist between the saddle on the sidewalk behing the scroll, which here is a bridge to the fall set of rock by the cafe. If you know guitars then you would know that its strings are determine by variation to the Key of E as in the many eeee you find in the legends of the Bermuda Triangle, which is a lot of bull.

  2. I suppose that if upsidedown text were rotating counter-clockwise in a reflection, it would be clockwise if imagined rightsideup.

  3. The turbulent water pool goes counterclockwise.
    If one were in the tomb, one looks at the paintings
    in a counterclockwise manner beginning with the
    East Wall.

  4. Here is where turbulent water has an “X” going into the water and one back up in a sculpture beside his studio on “Jimmy Island” in Maryland. This you get from the Mission Impossible: The Code even the CIA Can’t Break on
    from this article Jimmy island link

    Notice the ray ending at Indigo Point of Light.Hit the “show center marker” vector onto the Lost Symbol points at Light and Indigo Points on the topos maps then go to those coordinates given and you see the two “X” going underground through the turbulent water.

    Notice on the Jay Baker file on the K4 code XL file he did when he redid it June 29th he changed the K4 to a new code beside the old one with one change on the original on the yahoo kryptos group.I would back engineer version of John 3:16 for K4.You need to overlay the two K4’s, but due to community issues over the topic of Kryptos I do not have computer connection time to work with the ciphers.

    Call me at 520-334-5110 if any of you come up with more on K4 who have computer cipher capability.

    Believe it or not some people are really afraid of anyone corresponding with Kryptos or the CIA.You would think they are worried the KGB type of government horror exists instead of our “noble” CIA in the minds of the average citizen here. You could wind up evicted on the topic of Kryptos for going to the government CIA page and printing off Kryptos files to solve it.

    You could wind up here:

    All over Kryptos.What’s left? Believe it or not it’s a swinging place.It’s a new philosophy of life. At least these people here are interested in making a journey of the Kryptos Krazies to follow the James Sanborn quest and aren’t afraid of their own government branches.

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