Kryptos Clues Found in the Ordinary

“This is Vigenere’s Tableau.  The decoded parts that haven’t been decoded is this bottom line here, and it’s partially covered up with a— by a piece of stone at the CIA, so it’s harder to see, and it was also harder to photograph.  So that also delayed the dissemination of the image so that people could crack it.”

– Jim Sanborn

Transcript of Hirshhorn Museum Public Speaking 9/23/2005
transcribed anonymously and verified for

The only phantom reflection in the whirlpool is at an angle that reveals the twisting K3 cipher text on the copperplate.  All other perceptions are obscured by rock, which is far more tempting than the uninteresting, unobstructed view where the key lies.

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  1. Perhaps this is a key to use those initials you can see in the rock to decode K4 or the initials of the person to whom the code was written who can crack it already, seeing their initials there would realize it was to them and also to use it potentially as part of the decoding. With the nuances of shade one can enlarge the pictures paying attention to the subtle shadings done much like grail authors did like in Delacroix, Poussin, Teniers did.Of course, there are perfectly OBVIOUS initials using the entire stone treating it like the children’s Highlight’s magazine find the hidden symbols and initials.Perhaps these initials were placed in the stone to draw the atention of one to whom the code was to they presumed or hoped would be sitting there.

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