Apex of Kryptos

“No, [Ed Sheidt] doesn’t know the solution.   I made that very clear that I didn’t want him to be able to decipher what’s going on … that I’d be modifying systems and developing my own, which would make it virtually impossible for him to decipher all of it. I intended the 80 percent (of the text) that’s been deciphered to be deciphered and to be deciphered in stages and relatively quickly. The final part is obviously the, you know, the apex of the pyramid there.”

– Jim Sanborn in WIRED

Here is a picture of the apex of the pyramid.  Perhaps it just doesn’t exist.

The Apex is invisble or just doesn't exist.

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  1. Did the apex of Khufu ever exist? I believe not. It being missing is symbolic of the evolution of the cosmos itself, and, is instrumental in understanding the actual heights of the three; in addition, there are not really three pyramids! If one understands why he will be on his way to a learning much more than is the obvious; but it all was meant to be more than what most think to be just memorials of past kings. The entire complex is a multiplicity of meanings: adesign by the Creator, a warning, a prophecy, and a geometric matrix, obviously not to be understood by the layman, or better yet, even by those who pretend to know it all, and are dogmatically opposed to learning anything from persons such as myself. God knows, I ‘ve tried but these people are truly hard-headed beyond belief! Perhaps that is how it was intended all along? Again, God knows!

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