Point That Way



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  1. Sounds like a road trip to me, long ago and far away.
    I don’ t fear goin’ to hell, as it can’ t be much worse than that sorry pit!
    As a teen I remember driving with the top down at 80 mph and feeling like I was in a blast furnace.
    Remember the water fountain in Nieman – Marcus, WHITES ONLY!
    My gran Pappy caught a bullet through his hat cuz he had the wrong license plate on his car. Yeh! No wonder he moved back home, place is only good for jack rabbits and jackals! Yeh! Too bad the jackals didn’t stay there, we wouldn’t be in the fix that yahoo put us in! Yeah! We wouldn’t be in the fix!! Now if you are confused, you should be!

  2. Sanborn grew up in a time of early television, where stories of the Hardy boys and finding hidden treasure were built around finding a treasure map. What better way to entertain the masses then to make your own treasure map were X marks the spot. Now in these stories there always seems to be a big oak tree or some other form of telltale markings that you would step off some many feet this way or that. Sanborn has done just that, but instead of a tree he has chosen to use GPS. The CIA oversees the Global Positioning System at least back then. The map, which is created using the various sculptures which require a certain IQ when it comes to understanding what they mean, creates a floating platform, the second layer if you will, that aligns with the GPS at the CIA HQ. Once you know the full ID to the upper layer you get a sense of N. S. E.& W. Think of this a large geometric array, like a large unrolled scroll floating in the sky with X and Y coordinates. Aligning the two areas top and bottom to the 0,0 coordinates or its “crosshair” you find that the center is Tripoli. Follow the abscissa north until you come to the first string of the invisable giant guitar –created by the saddle on the sidewalk over the scroll which is its bridge out to the far pool of water & rocks were the strings are tighten– and you come to Berlin. Inside the control box in the ground at that point is something that you have to look carefully for to find..,Can you see anything Q, which is in reference to James Bond who has Q setting on the edge of water as a lookout. Once you find what you need to find and properly use it the “Berlin Wall” will fall. Now remember all those eeee’s in the Morse Code. Well that area is Florida and Cuba and the compass is located near some lodestone in Cuba (a restort) The eeee’s represent the strings of a guitar being played as a ballad. This area is in the Devil’s Triangle. Guitar strings are determined by their thicknesses in ratio to the Key of E. Once the secuirty wall falls it is possible to open the back side of the Petrified Tree. Strum the guitar into to it and you passed. Now you have to find the final answer to K4 which uses as its public key a typewriter key board in reverse counting back from the letter M. You subtract the numberical values of K4 as they are numbered in this arrangment and then sub in the standard alpha. You use these to create word via Vanity license plate lingo at first, then switch over to acronymns. There is a grand prize. Once the solution was found, which is made to be nearly impossible, it provides the combination to a safe in the directors office. Somehow, the $1000/day for life reward and the resort in the Keys just disappeared. This seems almost impossible because only Panetta, Sanborn and myself knew about it.

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