A New Focus – a Break from the Break

From time to time I am compelled to revisit Kryptos via Google, and whenever I find myself spending more than an hour retracing that winding path from where I am to where I was when I abandoned my passion in 2009, I begin to feel that old, familiar urgency to write about possibilities.  It’s what we all do when we think we’ve discovered something no one else has.

I don’t think that my years with Kryptos was fruitless even if the only things I treasure now are memories of fascination and friendship with others who share this interest.  My only traceable research that remains is found in the ghostly record of others who saw it live and pursued it through blog articles, comments, and discussion forums.  Somehow all of the B-Roll footage I published on YouTube as KryptosInfo is still available, and I have not been sued by any major media organization for making their footage public without permission.  K5: Twilight Eyes remains one of my favorite projects, and I continue to think it could be somehow connected to Kryptos.  This blog is still around, and WordPress remembers who I am.  Five years is a considerable break, but it’s time for a break.

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