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Kryptos Revisited” is a web site that explores Kryptos, a sculpture by James Sanborn located at CIA HQ in Langley, VA.  The Kryptos Sculpture contains several encrypted messages, and much of the focus has been on three of four passages encoded on its prominent copper scroll.  The quest has been to unlock the final passages of the encoding and to unveil the remaining mysteries yet shadowed in the veil of uncertainty.

I personally welcome you to this group and ask that you introduce yourself to the growing number of participants.  Your name, a brief background, and general purpose for your visit will suffice.  Individuals and groups are welcome to participate in the discussions that span this web site, and we all ask that any information used herein leading to a breakthrough or solution be credited back to this web site and this group.  This implies that any press release will credit or as a resource instrumental to any new information.  By all means take personal credit, and acknowledge the rest of us, as we in turn will do so for you.

Without further adieu, here’s to a successful and worthy journey as we explore Kryptos.

looking forward to meeting you,


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