Parasystole, Standing Waves

Known as ponderingman on YouTube, this Kryptos new-comer suggests that the raised letters YA and R are markers referring to the plaintext characters in those same positions.

Those letters would be WL and D from the following:


Furthermore, he suggests a reason for the misspelling of DESPERATELY.  By removing the W, L, and D (raised letters) from the plaintext, we get a possible new keyword, if somewhat out of order:



Jim’s talks about standing waves and layers gives this idea some credence.

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  1. standing waves, maybe?

  2. SLOYESPARAT could also be Osprey Atlas or Easy Portals or Oat Parsleys or Royal Pastes. What does Parasystole have that makes it the one anagram to rule them all?

  3. K1 has IQlusion and Undergruund so hang out LU and add the exta Q at the end and you see LUQ or look and with the two EE’s and add Q get Qee or key so look for key???

  4. 6:47 maybe the G through L on the FIRST line idicates the first line has five characters just like on the cipher.

  5. At position 6:07 on your video where the GHIJL are with the L sticking out to me would indicate K4 visually cipher should arrange with that ‘U’ sticking out to the left potentially and for the small row to begin (or end) would use 5 letters or characters on the line.

  6. what if the two letters misspelled is EE to go with the Q wrong when it should be “C” for Lord Carnivorn was his name not Q. so it would be QEE phonetically Key? Telling us visually our K4 should look like some key shape when we porganize it out or that we are looking for a hidden key on CIA property at the sculpture or within a part of the sculpture.

  7. What if YAR being raised means it’s for X Layer Two or K4 analysis and you notice END beside it is real English and go the last 3 letters of K4 and notice CAR so maybe K4 ends with CAR and we are supposed to place it at the last word of K4 but backwards like YAR and noticing YAR was with letters in between so you had to pick RAY out of it is a clue to the nature of decoding K4. So K4 will end with RAC.

    Notice also that K4 visually as on the sculpture sort of looks like a key. Since in November he mentioned smoke and mirrors
    click on the graphic you see U bolded and go here:


    U SZ JS are much darker penciled over and so are other areas. Palimpsest is misspelled with a C at the top to me implying C U for palimpsest to use at the beginning top but then you notice he taped over 10 spaces there but 5 in smoke or shadows at the bottom of the top three lines. Print out the page and observe the shaded regions of the tape he used giving clues and that angular rock he placed on the K2 region above the middle where using the highlighted words below you see visible rock with an area of harder pencil on an edge at the top left sort of.
    There are many things to notice on this page forensically analyzed as he said to do. It gives you the method as to how to read K4…well potentially.

    I would say he would want the first word to be YOU:T
    which is 5 spaces but you don’t count the colon just like he still put it on the clue of November page but didn’t include it in the countdown of the 97 so it’s there but a freeby.

    For some strange unneeded reason he stuck out the CSI unnecessarily on that line to use it and work with it for clues here and for K4 itself patterning.

    I made the kryptos line up on the right side separating the NYP and VTT with a “wall” or a line of words.

    From the tape clues on November decode it shows you don’t use that middle line to decode itself just for column help just reusing 1 and 2 or first and last. Looking around that X of my cipher rearranged to make kryptos work out and U stick out to the left and paying attenting to T is your position and X layer two (to) I would begin with the bottom row which has the to word using columns to begin and using his arrow directions to go toward right for line one and follow across. He said ID by rows was wrong but perhaps this is really ID by columns???as if you line up with kryptos and divide with berlin split with wall. It was tempting to place OSS from line 2 region to go with ring headquarters from RNG HQ but the “smoke” indicated potentially not too but may revise this opinion

    Kryptosfan what do you think of the upper left hand corner JS quartz rock JS may have drilled a hole in and hidden a key??? It looks like a “lost symbol” raised edges in shadow subtley seen on the angle of the top left of his initials JS there in the white quartz rock.

    Prior comments included the keys are hidden on the sculpture itself. Is potentially this literal???In plain view hidden right before us would describe hiding keys in this white quartz rock at HQ.

    Well any way thought you’d have fun working forensically with the decode page. It also says it’s smoke and mirrors so likely he wants his key upside down to the cipher text with the 4 letters or 5 to the bottom left??? So It would begin (potentially)YOU:TO SEEK so begins OT:UOY for that beginning portion how it would look on the K4 itself.Like I would place on the first line T:OUY and write reverse the decode onto a 97 letter layout for K4 not counting any punctuations is what it appears he is saying including that ‘?’ on ?OBKR on his cipher code page of November 2010 summary.This is 5 characters but he only numbers four of them but still maintains the ‘?’.

    On the cipher of K4 it look slike a key but lines up on the left so perhaps on the K4 itself it needs to right side line up and “key ” out to the left side instead of right side.

    What if kryptos is a publicity stunt for the CIA and if it follows their reported pattern even if you found the correct answer they notoriously wouldn’t reveal it?Deception and sneakiness is the reported publicity image they put forth.

    How would it make any sense for it to require LOOKING at the sculpture perusing it visually ones self to SEE if this path of study is even workable but they place it where the public is BANNED???Why not make a duplicate outside HQ or do those $150 models of Kryptos sculpture include the rocks, etc?

    It definitely would take getting JS himself with you if it required digging into his sculpture period to check out for keys.

    Perhaps you have to actually call HQ and ask for JS to be with you to dig in the JS rock to check it out in the upper left hand corner. What a crazy moron you would look like calling and actually asking this.
    “Hello, I’m calling to see if James Sanborn would be available to be with me to dig in his JS white quart rock in the upper left hand corner of the rock of his kryptos sculpture to check for keys buried in a pocket within it???”

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